Holly Oaks Pamperparty


I am pleased to say that ever since many of the cast members had a private pamper party at the clinic most of them now make several trips down or book us to visit them just for their HD Brows.

Cast members including Claire Cooper, Melissa Walton, and Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks travelled south to spend a day at the clinic, the Collagen wave non-surgical facelifting treatment proved a real hit with the girls and they are planning on returning on a regular basis to continue there recommended course of treatments.

Zoe Lister, who plays Zoe Carpenter in the Channel 4 soap had nothing but good things to say about the team.

“Everyone was exceptionally friendly, professional and welcoming. Thank you so much for a delightful day..!”

I feel sorry for Nicole Barber Lane (Myra McQueen). She isn’t allowed to have anything done because she plays such a downtrodden mum of 6. She actually looks really young and they have to put make up on her to make her look dowdy.

I am pleased to say also that Claire Cooper is nothing like her character Jaqui Mcqueen. She is petite and soft and naturally pretty. I don’t think she has much say in her characters wardrobe though.

I watch the show in a different way now. I have no idea of story lines because i’m too busy looking at their eyebrows! Pete says i’m like the brow police!

I am particularly interested in seeing how Carly Stenson who plays Stephanie Cunningham will play out her characters’ battle with cervical cancer. It’s a subject close to my heart after I lost our friend Jade Goody to the disease.

2008 Winner for ‘Best Actress’ at the British Soap Awards Emma Rigby, who played out her last scenes on the soap this year as Hannah Ashworth paid us a visit a week later for treatments and pampering on her way to an awards ceremony in London.


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